12.04 WED yelltail at METRO

12.04 WED yelltail at METRO

2019/12/04 (Wed.)
at Kyoto Metro
Start: 22:00~
Entrance: ¥1600-(inc.1 drink)
RA: https://jp.residentadvisor.net/events/1346384

Masaki Tamura (Do it JAZZ!)
Ouchi-S (Connected Underground / Equalize)

●Masaki Tamura (Do it JAZZ!)
DJ / Architecture Designer。2003年に活動開始以降、新譜・旧譜問わずJAZZを軸とした選曲を得意とし、13年目を迎える京都を代表するJAZZ / CROSSOVERイベント”Do it JAZZ!”を中心にDJを行う。LIVEアーティストからの信頼も厚く、選曲の幅を生かしホテル・ラウンジ・レストランの音楽設計・サウンドサポートも行う等、京都・大阪・東京を中心に活躍。
昨年、mixcloudアワードに選ばれた経歴を持つフランスのGONES THE DJとの共作であるジャパニーズ・ジャズのみを選曲したMixを発表。 今年、インディペンデントミュージックを発信する東京発の音楽プラットフォーム「TSUBAKI FM」のメインDJとして東京・京都・福岡・広島へDJツアーも遂行し、好評を博した。Gilles Petersonがスタートしたオンライン・ラジオステーション”Worldwide FM”の 京都サテライト”WW KYOTO”のDJを務め毎月第二月曜日に発信中。


Started DJing in 2008. Playing at private parties and outdoor events all around Kansai, with his main stomping ground being Osaka, his home town. Playing House, New Disco, Balearic and Ambient sets inspired by his experiences working at a record store, Kuwabara creates sets with his so called “positive mellow groove” concept in mind, known for their balance of dance and chill.

●Ouchi-S (Connected Underground / Equalize)
2010年の生音DJとしてのキャリアスタート以降、近年は、House, Technoにフォーカスした活動を展開している。現在、『Connnected Underground』、『Deep Underground』、『yelltail』(いずれもat Kyoto Metro)、『Equalize』(at Compufunk Records & Noon + Cafe, Osaka)、『FreeWheel』(at The Weller’s club, Kyoto)にてレジデントを務める。
Ouchi-S is a Kyoto based DJ.
He started his career as Funk DJ in 2010, playing mainly funk, soul and jazz music of the 60’s 70’s.
He participated in a Kyoto’s prominent deep funk party 『FUNK78』at that time.
As he advanced in DJ’ing, he made a commitment to build his career by playing detroit house, deep house and tech-house.
He also loves the vinyl and most of the time, pilots turntables, delivering a sound that boldly expresses his funkness.
Currently, he is mainly playing in an underground techno/house party『Connected Underground』,『Deep Underground』,『yelltail』, all held in Kyoto Metro where is legendary night club in this historical city, and 『Equalize』at Compufunk Records and Noon + Cafe both are in Osaka.
In 2018, he released his own mixtape” inspired by there ” focused on soul and jazz music.

track maker/DJ
Born in 1992, from Kochi, live in Kyoto
Organizing a party “yelltail” centered on deep house with Ouchi-S.
“Toe & Chimney Up Bow” released from house collective “NC4K” by STONES TARO, Lo-max in July 2018.